Services & Pricing

Dog Walking or Running 

  • 15-minute session:     $15
  • 30-minute session:     $20
  • 45-minute session:     $25
  • 60-minute session:     $30

Dog walking sessions are completely private and individualized to your dog's needs. Each session includes a full 30, 45 or 60 minutes of exercise: walking, hiking, running, playing fetch, or whatever your dog likes to do. Daily dog walking sessions are essential when it comes to providing dogs with the exercise, companionship, and stimulation that they require on a regular basis. Your dog will be well-adjusted, happier, healthier, and more docile. Services are available morning, afternoon, and evening. 24-hour notice is required for any changes to the schedule. No extra charge for weekend service, but subject to availability. Prices include care for one dog; each additional dog is $5 per walk/run.  

Cat Package ($35 per day) includes: 

  • In-home consultation prior to first visit
  • Two visits: one morning and one evening
  • Providing fresh food and clean water
  • Administering medications (oral and/or injectable), if necessary
  • Maintaining the freshness of the litter box
  • Playtime and a light brushing
  • Daily rate for one visit per day: $22
  • Prices include care for up to 3 cats; each additional cat is $5 per day 

Dog Package ($50 per day) includes:

  • In-home consultation prior to first visit
  • 45-minute morning walk, run, or play session 
  • Providing fresh food and clean water
  • Administering medications (oral and/or injectable), if necessary
  • 45-minute evening walk, run or play session
  • Proper waste disposal as needed
  • Price includes care for one dog; each additional dog is $10 per day

Please note: The Dog Package is designed only for clients who will be away for 12 hours or less unless the dog has a method available to relieve themselves between the scheduled visits (i.e. "doggie door" to an enclosed yard area). For absences longer than 12 hours, a custom package may be created. Please contact us for details. 

Small Pet Package ($22 per day) includes: 

  • In-home consultation prior to first visit 
  • One visit per day
  • Providing fresh food and clean water
  • Maintaining and cleaning your pet’s habitat, cage, or tank as directed 
Household Package ($20 per day) includes: 
  • One visit per day
  • Mail and package retrieval
  • Watering plants and flowers
  •  Alternating the lights, raising and lowering blinds or shades
  • Taking trash/recycling/compost bins in and out as needed 
Overnight Care

Overnight care may be arranged so your pet does not get lonely while you are away. This all-inclusive visit offers meals, play time, exercise and activities, both in the morning and evening. Please contact for pricing information. 

Pet Taxi Services

If you don’t have time or are out of town, we can pick up your pet and take them safely to their appointments (vet, groomer, etc) and bring them home again. Prices will vary, depending on distance traveled and time involved. Please contact for further details. 

Holiday Surcharges 

Add $5 to all prices shown above (includes New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve) 


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